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7 Questions to Ask Tree Service Companies Before Hiring Them

At Orange County Tree Service, we are always available to answer any questions you may have. We’re honest and upfront about the work that needs done with your trees as well as how much it’ll cost with no hidden fees or surprises. So before you make a decision on which tree company is right for you, talk to us first!
Here are seven questions you should ask before hiring a tree service company to do any work on your property:
1) How long has the company been in business?
When it comes to tree services, especially larger trees, you want someone with lots of experience. Trimming and pruning them requires a lot of training in order to do it properly. Make sure the company has many years in business or that the owner of the company has a lot of industry experience.
2) Can they provide a certificate of insurance with adequate coverage?
You may not think it’s a big deal, but you need to make sure the person who is working on your property has insurance. If they don’t have any or if they refuse to show you their certificate of coverage, then be smart and hire someone else. A certificate of insurance will assure that if something does happen, they’ll still have coverage and any injury or damage won’t be held against you either!
3) Do they have a list of references or reviews, or can you verify their experience?
Many people will have their doubts when hiring a business, but you can easily check reviews on Google or Facebook to ensure the company is reputable. Be sure to look for businesses that are listed and verified by Google so they’re trustworthy! If there aren’t any online reviews of the company then ask them if you could speak with past clients about their experience—you’ll be able to get an idea of what it’s like dealing with this organization before making your decision.
4) Do they have the proper equipment to complete your project safely?
When it comes to tree care, there are different types of equipment needed for success. For larger trees, you’ll need a cherry picker while smaller trees will just require a trimmer. Get in touch with the company beforehand and make sure they’re using appropriate cleaning practices so your yard doesn’t become infected with disease from job to job.
5) Will they complete the job themselves or use subcontractors?
If you have a large project, some tree companies may subcontract out aspects of that job. If they do so, then ask who the company will be using to ensure your contract is in compliance with all safety standards and laws.
6) What steps do they take to minimize damage to the yard?
When you’re trying to find tree removal specialists, make sure that they will take the utmost care with your yard and any structures on it. A professional does their best work by properly pruning trees so that branches or limbs do not fall onto anything below them; this is especially important when dealing with larger ones because of how much more damage can be done as a result.
7) Are their estimates detailed and does pricing include other services if needed?
You don’t want to be surprised with hidden costs once your work has started. Make sure that the company is upfront about all of their services and prices, so you know what’s coming up in terms of cost or risk. If there are any additional fees like hauling away a tree stump after they’ve done the job, make sure those will not come out-of-pocket on top of everything else before agreeing to anything!
At Orange County Tree Service, we’re dedicated to providing the best tree care services in Orange County. With years of experience and extensive knowledge about all types of trees, our professionals can take on any project with ease! Licensed and insured for your peace-of-mind, give us a call if you need help removing or trimming branches from one of your beloved plants –we are confident that we have what it takes to make sure everything is done right!

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